About Us

MetaMinex; It was established with the aim of facilitating the trade and functionality by integrating approximately 10 types of mines, which come out of valuable and operated mines in the world, especially in Turkey, and whose reserves are gradually decreasing, into the digital blockchain network.

MetaMinex is an international company established with the world's leading mining companies, professional mining engineers, partners and team, bringing physical mining to the world of blockchain and metaverse for the first time in the world.



Smart Invest Services

NFT( 10.000 NFT for Pre Investors )
MINING SERVICES( The Gateway of the Blockchain Universe to Mining )
ICO TOKEN & TOKENEMICS( De-fi ICO Launch, Real Mining Income etc.)
METAVERSE( Trade in World's First and Only True Physical Mining Metaverse )


Road Map

March 2022

Establishment of Metaminex after 1 year of R&D

June 2022

10,000 NFT share investment projects will start

August 2022

Pre-distribution for NFT Investors to the WMX token community that will be released on the BSC network, and delivery of land and showroom distributions to investors according to the NFT share ratio they previously invested in the Metaverse world, where Miners will trade in the new world

September 2022

Renting and operating a marble quarry in Turkey by investment

October 2022

Offering the WMX token as a gem token first to its investors and then to the public.

December 2022

Distribution of bonus, airdrop and real mining revenues exclusive to WMX Token holders

January 2023

Opening the Metaverse world of Metaminex and providing consultancy and agency services to investors. Metaverse introduction and pre-opportunity presentations to new investors

April 2023

Opening showrooms in Metaverse with WMX Token and starting trade of global marble and precious metal mines on smart contracts


Presentation of Metaverse Events, Fairs, Trade, sustainable mining projects and surprise projects



Physical Mining

By integrating physical mining with blockchain technology, it enables trading in the new world


The increase in the value of the mines mined in the blockchain by being traded on the global blockchain exchanges

Smart Contract

Scraping logistics, raw materials, availability processes in mining enterprises with smart contracts


Works for a sustainable blockchain ecosystem for quarries owners, investors, traders, construction firms and the end consumer

Research & Consulting

Works for the feasibility of minerals and precious metals and for the execution of certification processes


In the Metaverse universe to all investors, from small to large; It offers the opportunity to promote, market, buy and sell its own products


Establishing its own token and the mainnet blockchain in the next stage; It provides innovative, smart and profitable trading opportunities by establishing a token economy with added value and high valuation from the mines to the latest investor

Security Mining

Works for reliable, sustainable and future mining technology of precious marble and other metal mines, whose reserves are determined in the world and which are mined in the Metaminex system

World Mineral Reserves
(billion tons)
Types of Minerals
in the World
Marble Mineral Reserves
in The World (billion m3)
The World's Marble Reserves
are in Turkey.


NFT Token Sale

  • Token name:Metaminex NFT Token
  • Ticker Symbol:Metaminex
  • NFT Edition Number:10.000 pcs
  • Starting Price NFT Pre-ICO:200 USD
  • Fundraising Goal:20 million USD
  • Minimum Purchase:10 Metaminex NFT Token
General description

Metaminex NFT token will be released on the basis of Avac Blockhain Kalao NFT platform and fully comply with avalanche standard.

Support of this standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.), and provides easy integration.

Our data

Metaminex WMX Token Distribution

Token Distribution
Allocation of funds

Total token supply -

  • 40.44% Staking Reward
  • 15% Team
  • 13% Metauniverse Building and Development
  • 8% Token Seed
  • 8% Token Public Sale
  • 7% Advisor Partnership
  • 6% Marketing and Operations
  • 2% Token Private Sale
  • 0.56% Institutional NFT Investor


Frequency Asked Questions

Metaminex Capital is an innovative business model that continuously creates value for its investors by using decentralized blockchain technology to guarantee the traceability, sustainability and trading of precious marble and other metal mines in the metaverse world.


It is an international company established with the world’s leading mining companies, professional mining engineers, partners and team, bringing physical mining to the blockchain and metaverse world for the first time in the world.

Currently, the NFT infrastructure is designed as avalanche, and the token infrastructure is positioned as the Binance Smartchain.


After Phase 2 studies, it aims to provide a unique mining service using its own mainnet blockchain network.

In order to mine, it will be enough to have vtx tokens, which are mining tokens, and add stakes.

In Metaminex, it is free to explore the areas in the entire meta-universe, explore and experience all the features of the meta-universe.

Priority right to purchase will be given to METAMINEX NFT owners and whitlist participants.


Public sales and cex transactions will be opened later.

You can buy land in the Metaminex universe and earn additional income by renting the land you buy, and you can also use it for advertising etc.

All rights of the purchased plots are given to you by METAMINEX Capital with NFTs, each of which is a unique token.


You can create your store in these areas and have a market place in the world for all your products.

For land purchases, you can buy from Kalo, which is the NFT market, or you can trade using the direct links on our website.

Each is sold at the in-house for $200 at the time of sale.

If you are a corporate company and want to develop in the field of mining, you can become a land owner by participating in the private nft sale by contacting us from the relevant fields.

Mtx token priority purchase right belongs to nft holders. The social media tasks to be done in the next stage and the users who fulfill these tasks in the best way will be given priority right to purchase.

You can buy and sell on dex and cex exchanges within the scheduled times after the pre-sale.




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